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Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a person’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles to be overcome, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. Let us find your life path number.

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You're Number 3 as per NUMEROLOGY

Your life path is one of exuberance, spontaneity, joy and inspiration. However, you must learn reliability and responsibility, growing to respect others through honesty and kindness. In other words, try and curb that blunt tongue of yours!

No.3's 2020 Horoscope

Date Lord: Jupiter

For Business: 3,5,6,7,9

For Marriage: 3,5,6,7,9

Lucky Day: Tuesday, Friday

Lucky Gem: Yellow Sapphire

Favorable Direction: North East

Element: Ether

For Romance: 1,3,6,9

Best No.: 12

Lucky Color: Yellow

Significant Years In Life: 12, 21,3039,48,57,66,75

Favorable Taste: Sweet

Positive Traits: They are friendly and very social. They have a good mental and emotional balance. They are intuitive, and creative.

Negative Traits: They are over-optimistic, non-stop talkers.

Friendly Numbers: 1,2,9

Neutral Number: 4,8

Enemy Number: 5,6

Lucky Metal: Gold

Auspicious Month: March, June, Sept, December

Auspicious Period: 19th Feb-21 Nov and 21 Nov to 21 Dec

Best First Name Alphabets: C,G,L,S


Life Path Number – 3

Life path number 3 represents some wonderful traits in the individuals born under this category. They are very good at creatively expressing themselves. They wish the world around them to be novel and filled with enough newness and freshness.

They can communicate well with their peers and people at large with eloquence and a highly engaging spirit. These individuals want to do something new every time and impress others by exhibiting their multi-faceted talents. They can never sit back relaxed to focus on enjoyments.

One of the main strengths of persons sharing life path number 3 is their strong communication. They have the power to express tough ideas with ease and entertain people in several meaningful ways.

These persons have the greatest zeal for creativity and possess a lot of self-expression. This ability makes them excel in fields like poetry, acting, writing, art and music. You find these persons occupying positions like singers, performers, counselors, broadcasters, journalists and writers.

Life Path Number 3 Personality

Individuals sharing life path number 3 are highly optimistic. They are always giving and willing to sacrifice their comforts and belongings for the sake of others. When it comes to generosity, none can excel them. Due to their charismatic personality, they attract people around them.

Their priority to living a happy life today and hence they do not wish to save for future. They will find it tough to take up responsibilities especially on a regular basis since they always look forward to a carefree life. They have a positive outlook and hence do not feel it is important to save for emergency situations.

Therefore most people feel they are not good at managing finance. Often people with life path number 3 tend to live the life superficially. They do not have any well-defined sense of direction to guide themselves. So, delays are very common in their performance often inviting the dissatisfaction of their superiors at workplace.

Their emotional side is often risky. They tend to loose balance when they are upset or angry and during those times, they pass on critical comments on people around them. This situation could often drive them manic and depressive. They must guard against the tendency to exaggerate the truth.

Life Path Number 3 Careers

Numerology says life path number 3 individuals are highly creative and dynamic. They have a big difficulty to put up with routine and monotonous activities. They always prefer and do well in careers that give vent to their flair for experiencing unconventional and unexpected things in life.

You find them doing a great job in arts, writing and film industry. They will also shine very well in advertising, public relations, marketing and media. A lot of them work as journalists and broadcasters.

The hallmarks that differentiate the 3s from the rest of the folks is their lively nature and inquisitive spirit. It is also not uncommon to see these people occupying careers in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, biology, medicine and pharmacology.

Life Path Number 3 Love Life

People sharing life path number 3 evoke the fantasies of other people. They can impress anybody and everybody with their charming and attractive personality. They are mesmerizers. Most of them are blessed with a good looking appearance.

One downside to their love life is that they tend to take impulsive decisions on the spot without weighing the pros and cons of their choice. Since they do not think well before entering into a relationship, often they are at the risk of facing heartbreaks.

Life Path Number 3 Marriage

When it comes to love and marriage, those born under life path number 3 are somewhat similar to the 1s. These are highly practical individuals who do not go by what their heart says when it comes to relationships. Being fearless and highly ambitious, they make their own rules and laws for life and marriage.

Their tendency to be obsessed with their own selves makes them immune to other’s opinions. They always look forward to marry the best partner and to this end, they are prepared to wait endlessly.

They give a great importance to their career and hardly pay attention to their personal, familial and sexual life. Even when it comes to sex, they wish to dominate their partners. It is their flair to prove their superiority in any field they take up. As long as they keep their soul mate in good understanding, they can do well in romantic life.

Life Path Number 3 Compatibility

Those with life path number 3 would have most probably entered into relationships with 5s or 7s. The unpredictable and chaotic nature of these individuals will suit daring and adventure loving nature of the 5s. The quiet and introverted 7s will always add depth and appreciation to the game of life.

Both these combinations can get along with the other person very well and also share some complementing and supplementing characteristics to find a mutually fulfilling life. 2s can find a lasting relationship with 3s and this is indeed a good combination to try.

Often 1s can also make a good match with 3s. Bringing 3s and 4s together is a very bad idea since they end to bring out the bad in each other when they share a marital union. 8s tend to criticize 3s to the core. Though 6s do well with most life path numbers, they are a bad match with 3s and therefore must be avoided.

Free Numerology Predictions, know more about your personality and get a glimpse about what the future holds for you in terms of Career, love and relationships, marriage and more. Which numbers are your friends and which one are your foes, with whom your compatibility is more and your 2020 Horoscope (numerology).